Expectations of academically talented students 

·      Study that examines whether parents ideas of success regarded what colleges their admitted into, high-job status, etc.
·      When parents emphasize these things, it is said to have a positive influence on their children’s lives and helps them set high goals to live up to and work for
·      Also important to emphasize expectations of being happy and motivated aside from a far away goal because it helps the child try their best and when parents emphasize both happiness and a goal, their child will achieve more without feeling the pressure of their parents wanting them to achieve it
·      Children whose parents have set high goals and expectations for their children also face more criticism, and have a concern about whether or not they are living up to their parents standards along with doubts about what they have achieved
·      Majority of parents feel that it is extremely important to attend a top university/college and be extremely successful in life  although not a high percentage of students feel this pressure due to the fact that a majority of students feel confident about their abilities 

Who needs Harvard? 

·      In today’s society people think that one of the most important moments in our lives is the moment we find out what college we have been accepted into and that when someone is admitted into a top university they have received a “ticket to life”
·      Parents expectations about what school their children will attend have risen substantially
·      People think that if you don’t get into the top schools, your life is ruined and you will never succeed
·      Due to the rising population in our country, the ambitions of parents and students to get into the top schools have risen in accordance to the expanding population
  ·      Although the population is rising at an extremely fast rate, the slots open in admissions office is not changing very much at all which increases the expectations of the standards of the children applying to these schools
  ·      When studies were being made comparing the students who went to Ivys and other top schools compared to those that went to less prestigious colleges, an assumption was made that attending a top school does in fact create a smoother path in life
  ·      Another study was made regarding those who were extremely well motivated and talented but that decided to go to less prestigious schools and it was shown that it is not in fact the school that creates the success but the student
·      This proves that an emphasis still remains of the fact that you DO attend college, but it does not in fact matter exactly where
·      When parents find out that their kid is not accepted from Harvard and others, the child often feels like a failure and inadequate and fears disappointing their parents
·      When parents have high expectations to go to these schools because they will become CEO’s and other high earning professionals, often have misconceptions because the majority of the worlds leading executives did not attend top universities but ones that are considered “not great”
·      Not much difference between the professors and faculty at an ivy league and other schools the big difference is the teacher
·      Acceptable that many people are obsessed with the idea of going to a top college
·      Years leading up to admission are all a bunch of tests and paths to overcome so acceptable to be highly disappointed
·      Final point is that parents need to realize that you don’t have to go to Harvard, Yale, and so on to be able to get a easy path to success and “your foot in the door” 

School expectations with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds 

-expecations of schools with a majority of african american students are often much lower
- best teachers tend to avoid working at these types of schools
- when the concentration of african americans/ hispanics are mixed with other sorts of communities and people, it is much more common that kids of these economical/ social backgrounds will achieve muc hmore and their expectations will be higher
- expectations can be higher for studnets when you break them away from places where they are surrounded by poverty, etc.
- studies show that it is not in face the race though of these students, it is just the communities and areas where they are bred from and attending schools