Jamie's Personal 

                         Growing Up as the youngest of three girls, there were definitely a lot of expectations placed before me. Being six years younger than my oldest sister Gabrielle, and three years younger than my sister Nikki, they had both accomplished many things that I looked up too and respected. When they did something bad, it was expected that I would not follow in their footsteps. Sometimes they set negative examples of how to behave, act, and communicate and since I was the youngest, anything that they did I admired and imitated. This is why I act as immature as my sister Nikki and as responsible as my sister Gabrielle. Growing up I realized that my sisters have very different personalities and each have traits that I myself wanted to have as I grew up. Although we each have different talents, when someone hears of something that my sisters have accomplished, they ultimately think that I will follow in those footsteps.          
                        When I started camp my first summer, as a seven year old, my sisters had already made a huge impression in the areas that they were most talented in. Everyone at camp knew my sister Gabrielle for dancing and they had expected that I too would be capable of dancing. My sister Nikki, a great water skier was also well known on the ski team, which I was also expected to be great at. Although I had tried to be a great dancer, as well as a water skier, I have had my own passion, Tennis. Knowing that both my sisters are not such great tennis players, they had expected me to not be great either, I hopefully proved them wrong. 
                     Having two older sisters can definitely put you at an advantage or a disadvantage throughout life. An advantage was that I have been exposed to certain scenarios before my peers, which has helped me to learn how to deal and cope with expected scenarios to come. I have found, that a disadvantage is, that it is harder to create your own identity in certain aspects of your life, because once your name is known for something, people expect that of you forever, and reputation for your name has already been created. I have found this difficult especially regarding my sister Gabrielle. Yes, Nikki is also very accomplished, but when people learn that Gabrielle is my sister, they expect me to be as smart as she is. Although I do consider myself smart, I do not consider myself the same type of smart as my sister Gabby, I would like to consider myself more street smart, and my sister Gabrielle more book smart. When people learn that she has attended Yale for college, they are immediately impressed, and often follows with the common question, “Where would you like to go to school?” Sometimes, I disregard this question almost as quickly as people ask it, or I quickly reply with where I would like to attend. I know that my future does not lie in the hands of my sisters achievements and throughout all the questions that I have gotten, about having two older sisters, I have learned to create my own identity. This identity does not entirely resemble either of my sisters at all. I plan on pursuing my own path in life, although high expectations have been set before me, I plan to reach those expectations, but in my own way.