• Legacy; a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest

Johnson and Johnson Company 

  • as seen in the Legacy experimental by Remy Haber, Jen Barry, and Steph Barry legacy is a huge part of expectations
  • a great example of Legacy goes along with family tradition through businesses such as the Johnson and Johnson company
  • this company, was founded by Robert Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson in 1885 and began by making surgical dressings and as the family company grew and grew, along with the family, the number heirs in line to run the business grew as well
  • the company has grown so much since it has started out with surgical dressings, and now is one of the most common brands seen around today
  • no doubt, there is a lot of pressure to maintain a family business that has grown so much and has been around for a very long period of time
  • throughout the family history though, there is many stories of tragedy and loss which has surely effected the faith of the family company
  • for example, Keith Johnson died at age 27 of a drug ovedose then, Willard Johnson died in a motorcycle accident within the same year
  • and throughout family drama, Bobby and Seward Junior Johnson, were banned from being heirs of the company and within months fo that Bobby died of cancer
  • most recently, the heirs to the family company Jamie and Casey have also been affected by life threatening diseases such as diabetes and lupus
  • Aside from Casey being affected from diabetes, this heir, was also found in the midst of being affected by drugs amongst many other things
  • Casey died at age 30 due to medical issues possibly infulenced by drugs, and throughout the family history on other sides of the family tree, there has been many cases of family members strongly affected by the use of drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • As seen above, the expectations one may have to keep their legacies alive, may cause many problems amongst family members such as arguments, life in the public eye, and the ability to be exposed to things that can cause life threatening situations

The Manning Family Legacy 

  • Cooper Manning, the Oldest brother to Eli and Peyton Manning, is the one manning brother that is not seen playing in any superbowl game or on the football field period.
  • Instead, Cooper Manning, is a part owner of an energy firm company that deals with stocks of oil and gas
  • Along with having two brothers that are extremely famous for their football achievements their father was also a quarterback, Archie Manning, who is found in the football hall of fame, along with their mother Olivia who is known as homecoming queen at Ole Miss University
  • It seems as though Cooper Manning is living in the shadows of his families success, but dont let him trick you since hes not on t.v., no doubt is Cooper Manning extrmely successful himself
  • Although at first, football did seem to be in Cooper Mannings future, considering he was named all state in High School but was then diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis which caused him to be unable to continue on his football career
  • growing up being that amazing at a sport, along with having a dad known for it, there had to be high expectations for Cooper as well to continue on the family legacy and have his name on an NFL roster along with his two younger brothers
  • some may say, that it is unfortunate that Cooper was unable to achieve this title, but he begs to differ
  • people may also think that Cooper is bitter about this situation, although one thing that the Manning brothers are definitly known for, is their brotherly relationship that is as thick as they come
  • Although the legacy of the Manning name has definetley lived on with Eli and Peyton in the football world, Cooper too has achieved success that no doubt brought the legacy to new heights