Hollywoods effect on our lives and expectations 

For most people between the ages of 16 and 30, the ideal person they want to be is a famous model or actor and the emphasis is very much on external appearanceOther Hollywood stars workout for several hours a day with costly personal trainers. Often the work out and diet regimens are not adhered to when they are on a break. In fact, I found that many celebrities often crash diet and excessively exercise to get in top shape before their next project.
When people see that "ideal" image, they are not seeing the amount of exercise and dieting that went into that person, just a picture of envy.
Lack of health conscious education has led much of society into an image-obsessed tailspin. People, younger and younger, now then ever before, have become more focused on what they look like than how it was achieved.

Pressure to Get Skinny Still the Fashion Norm, Even in the Plus Size modeling world 

-Like so many other professional models, Dillon’s self-image demons were exacerbated by the constant scrutiny of the industry she was working in. Critics have lambasted the fashion world for its obsession with unnaturally thin physiques, but industry leaders have yet to take any real action to change the dangerous aesthetic.-Dillon remembers well the constant drumbeat to get thinner. “I was obsessed with starvation,” she told FOXNews.com. “I would eat an apple as my only meal for a day, make midnight gym runs. I would try to sleep as late as I possibly could to avoid eating. The skinnier I got, the better they said I looked. But nothing was ever good enough.” Dillon finally decided to get out of an industry she said was “promoting an illusion.”

Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the Knicks

- as soon as news was out that Carmello Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks high expectations were definitely forming from the excited fans
- says that he knew new york needed a moment like this
- but do atheletes that are put under so much pressure crack?

Deadly thin: The epidemic of the Fashion Industry 

It seems that the death of a few anorexic models are finally making the fashion world sit up and take notice. Rather, they are forced to take notice when such countries as Spain are going to be implementing laws to ensure that models have a BMI of at least 18; Italy will be soon to follow with their own rules. Have we grown so immune to sickly thin models that we don’t even notice until someone dies from the deadly disease?
in fashion and the beauty industry, the thinner the better. This isn’t only seen throughout the pages of any fashion magazine, but it has also transferred over into how sizes are now being made for clothing. Banana Republic has size 00 and Nicole Miller will soon have size “subzero.”
we exploit deadly thin models throughout the fashion industry enforcing the view that thinner is better, we now have fashion designers creating negative sizes further reinforcing that skinny is beautiful and then we suddenly try to put all of that on hold announcing that maybe we were wrong about the whole thing.

Barry Bonds 

Barry Bonds an extremely talented baseball pressure cracked and was convicted of Steroid use and other drugs. The pressure he was put under he says was caused due to the High Expectations of his family and the talent he was surrounded by growing up, which he was expected to live up to. His father, was an all star player and hid god father was a living legend and a future hall of famer so when growing up, he was surrounded by a ton of talent and high expectations even before her had entered the major leagues. Throughout Barry's career he was named an All-Star player ten times and most valuable player three times, so there is no doubt that he was definitely put under a lot of pressure. When Barry had been questioned about his career, he said "People did miss my actual talent and watching my capabilities because they were so caught up in what they thought I would be capable of achieving." 

Pressure mounts for 'ban' on zero size models

But today's breed of size-zero supermodels might be advised to develop a taste for pie and chips as pressure grows to ban too-skinny girls from the catwalk."This is about protecting the young women and men who work in the fashion industry, as well as those who are at risk of an eating disorder and can be influenced by the pictures that they see."The fashion industry is there to make money and there is no legislation to protect models. It basically exploits people who are underweight and forces others to follow suit."

What Viewers Are Expecting from Super Bowl Commercials 

Super Bowl  Sunday is celebrated as a holiday in America where people come together to watch two amazing teams fight for the victorious title as “Super Bowl Champion.” Along with anticipating an exciting game, we also expect excellent entertainment, from funny commercials to a thrilling half time performance. Year after year the expectations of the Super Bowl commercials rise leaving advertisement companies to struggle for new ideas. During our latest Super Bowl, XLV, 111 million viewers had their full attention on the television awaiting the game and commercials. What advertisement companies didn’t expect was the viewers reaction of disappointment with the commercials claiming, “They were not as funny as they expected.” Viewers have their bar set high and advertisements are not exceeding them as viewers hoped. We can only hope that our expectations are exceeded for the next upcoming Super Bowl as commercial industries try to surpass their commercials from previous years.

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