No Expectations by, The Rolling Stones
This classic song explains the heartfelt breakup and the love that he shared with this woman which is described like their music, "It's here, and then its gone." He explains how he just wants to leave asking to take him to the train or the airport because he has no expectations or intention of ever coming back to this town where this woman is because the memories would be too hard. The artist states that, "I have no expectations to pass through here again," which could potentially be very self damaging because he will always think about what he left behind and what could have happened. Also the possibility of feeling so much pain that he does come back to try to clear the air or fix things, but only failing his expectation of not returning leaving the artist feeling weak and not being able to have self- control or move on. 
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Waiting On The World To Change by, John Mayer 

The chorus states,"So we keep waiting, Waiting on the world to change." John Mayer explains the evil he sees in the world and that there is nothing that he has power to change. He feels the only thing he can do is wait and hopefully we as a whole will change because no one can do it on their own. He states that all he can do is wait, but how can he expect that his waiting will be answered and the world will change? How can we expect that the people that do have power will stop and look around and see that the people as a whole aren't satisfied and change the system so this world can change and be at peace? These are the questions people ask every day, but who knows when these questions will be answered because as John Mayer said, "We just feel like we don't have the means. To rise above and beat it- That's why we keep waiting, waiting on the world to change." 
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Great Expectations by, The Gaslight Anthem 

Relationships can be scarring and an emotional roller coaster especially when it comes to bad break ups. In this song the artist explains his new relationship with a woman named Mary and can't stop thinking about his past relationship where his wife left him so can only expect the same of Mary. Every person is different and we cannot hold the same expectations as we held for people in our past. Just because you were hurt in the past does not necessarily mean that this person you are with in the present is going to hurt you. The artist expects the worst in Mary and can't stop thinking about the great expectations they use to have of their relationship. 
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Great Expectations by, Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons explains all the criticism he hears and all the people he has to face when trying to prove himself. He rises above the negative expectations from others and makes his own self-expectations and he knows with all his heart- he is going to succeed and do well. With a positive attitude like that,  I don't know who won't do well in the end. When you are positive, people will support you and help you make great expectations reality. This shows the way his attitude of achieving greatness makes the people doubting him reconsider their negative expectations. "Great expectations I got them waiting and anticipating. They all debating on if he's hype or will he be staying.So now I'm saying, I'm reaching to be one of the greatest." If he was able to rise above the comments and believe in himself, then he is going to be able to stick around no matter what the music buisness entails. 
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The Best Is Yet To Come by, Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra expresses the importance of always thinking about the future and that your future can be anything you make it- the best.  The chorus states, "The best is yet to come, and won't that be fine. You think you've seen the sun, but you aint seen it shine." If you think you have had the best moments of life- only better and more memorable ones are to come. Expecting the best of your future is extremely important because the only way to make certain the best is going to come- is to expect it. If we have negative expectations of our future, we will not try to make it better due to lack of hope and what you expect will surely happen. 

More by, Usher

More by, Usher represents a common phenomenon of talented, famous artists that think that once they have reached their goal of being "the coolest and the best," that they will forever be able to keep that spark growing. " 'Coz I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back. Yeah, I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back , So captivating when I get on the floor." This line shows that Usher, thinks that he has the ability to no matter what keep his fans captivated, due to his talent, dance moves, etc. "Kow Y'all been patiently waiting, I know you need me, I can feel it, I'm a beast, I'm an animal, I'm that monster in the mirror," shows a slight cockiness, but shows confidence as well knowing that his fans expect a lot from him every time they attend a concert, listen to a song, etc. and he shows that he knows that he hopefully will always deliver enough to meet up to their expectations. 

Accidentally In Love by, Counting Crows

Accidentally In Love is most famously known for being in the film, Shrek. In the film it represents the unexpected relationship that forms between an ogre and a beautiful princess. Love is unexpected and we tend to be unable to control who we fall in love with. Our hearts works in ways we can't explain and it happens to be true in many cases that love happens accidentally. We have all heard of the many stories of two best friends accidentally falling in love when they grew older. 
"Well I didn't mean to do it, But there's no escaping your love"
No one expects who they are going to marry when they are older because we don't know who we are going to meet in the future, the relationships that we will have, and the love that will bloom. We don't expect to fall in love with someone but when we do, there is no stopping until we get hurt or are froced to move on.


In Billionaire by, Bruno Mars the song shares what life will be like once you become a billionaire. They picture how different their life will be full of money, fame, and fortune. They expect that all these miraculous things will occur such as "I see my name in shining lights," as if once they have all the money in the world they will ultimately have everything that they ever wanted. They expect that not only will they be able to fulfill their own dreams such as "buying all the things I never had, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine," but that they will also be able to help all the people around them so that they will be able to stop hunger where they see it. 

I Gotta Feeling 

I Gotta Feeling by, The Black Eyed Peas is all about the anticipation of what is expected to be an extremely memorable night. "Lets Live It up!" Is in the first verse of the song which shortly after is followed by "I feel stressed out, wanna let it go..," which shows how they expect that tonight will be the night where all their thoughts and concerns will be at east, and that they will finally be able to enjoy themselves. 

Here Comes Goodbye

In the song Here Comes Goodbye by, The Rascal Flatts expectations play out as the song tells a story of what is expected to come after a devastating occasion occurs. "Here comes the start of every sleepless night," is a line throughout the song which tells us as the "goodbye," plays out the narrators life is expected to change forever. The devastating event that occurs in this song is about a wife/ girlfriend leaving, and the narrator expects that forever his life will be changed and there will not be a day that goes by where he does not regret the event that is occurring. The narrator describes this scenarios expecting things, but he does not necessarily know how it will affect him and change his life. Although he is not sure he expects "Here comes the pain, here comes me wishing things had never changed." 

Vienna by Billy Joel

In Vienna by, Billy Joel the song shares the story of how a boy/ girl is pressured by extremely high expectations. The line "you can get what you want or you can just get old, you're gunna kick off before you even get halfway through, when will you realize? Vienna waits for you," along with the line "Slow down you're doing fine, you can be anything you want to be before your time," shows that the person is trying so hard to succeed right now, that they are not enjoying themselves. Expectations cause us to wear ourselves out to do everything we can to please ourselves/ others without really living in the moment and taking things for granted. 

The Best Days 

In The Best Days by, Graham Colton, the artist sings about living in the moment. "So don;t wait for someone to tell you its too late, cuz these are the best days." The artist shares tat you should not expect/ wait for something to occur that will cause you to enjoy your life and live in the moment, but rather that you should start now and enjoy every moment of the life you are presently living. "Theres always something tomorrow so I say let's make the best of tonight, here comes the rest of our lives." This particular line tells us tat not only should you not expect something bette to happen, but you should also not expect that things will remain the same for a while, therefore, you don't have the ability to wait to enjoy them but you need to start enjoying it all right now. 

Hear You Me 

Hear You  Me tells the story of living and hoping that someone will be proud of their accomplishments, as if they owe it to the person as a thank you for what he/ she has done for them. The common line shared states, "What will you think of me now? So happy, so cheerful, so proud." When listening to this line, it feels as though the persons expectations set before them were to achieve just that, to be happy no matter what the circumstances of being happy may be. 

Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers

This catchy tune explains the world in 1000 years and the things that have changed. He starts off saying, "We live underwater." When most people think of the future, not many people expect that we are going to live under water and grow gills but it could happen through evolution and time . Expecting the world will be under water is defiantly something we shouldn't worry about but the unexpected has happened before.

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