Expectations of Immigrant Parents vs. American Born Parents 

-strong parent involvement is the most important factor in the success of children
- parents involvement depends on many things including culture, socio-economic, and personal experience of the parents lives
- immigrant and American parents share the same goals and ideas for the success of their children immigrant parents are different in their values, beliefs, and experiences
- many immigrant parents come to the United States to seek opportunities for their children’s success
- apparently Immigrant parents have a bigger emphasis on education in their children’s lives than American born parents
- immigrant parents that have more success and money in their backgrounds often have children that are more successful than those with a lower socioeconomic background
- Immigrant parents believe more importantly than American parents that education is the only way to improve your status in life therefore they place a bigger emphasis on grades, education, etc.
- it is proven that kids with Asian immigrant parents are proven to spend more time on their homework and much less time on their other activities than American born parents due to the fact that Asian immigrants believe in the importance of how much time and effort you put into your work in order to achieve
- shown that American students spend more time doing other activities BESIDES homework and care more about their extracurricular activities than how they do in school
- shown that when children of the Asian and Latin American descent are expected to have a greater emphasis on assistance, respect, and support 

Tiger Mom 

·      Based on a Chinese mother who is known for her extremely strict and harsh parenting skills due to the fact that she sets extremely high standards for her kids to live up to
·      Raised her children the “Chinese way”
·      Chuas opinion on the way American’s raise their children is “shocking,” “westerners allow their children too much time on facebook and computer games and poorly prepare them for the future”
·      Never accepted grades lower than an A and pushed her children to play the piano, violin, and hours of studying in order to “survive the global economy”
·      Did not allow playdates or sleepovers or television or computer games and insists her harshness is out of love and compassion and her high expectations due to the fact that his was how she was raised as well
·      Said that due to her high expectations as a child her parents taught her self-discipline
·      Said that American parents try to comfort their kids from their problems unlike Chinese parents that “assume strength and as a result behave differently” and physiologists call this “mastery experiences”
·      Due to “mastery experiences” they are more capable to live up to their expectations and know what they can and can’t due since they have been challenged